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Our Founder
Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton is the founder of the Neothink Society. For over 40 years, he secretly developed Neothink techniques to advance human achievement. He strongly believes in the infinite value and potential of human consciousness.

About Mark hamilton
Mark Hamilton
Our mission

Secret Formula for Curing Aging

(& Eventually Death)

- The Cause and Effect-

The Cause
The Effect
The Cause


Make Ordinary People Wealthy & Happy

Increasing Demand for Longer Life

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Free Civilization from Politicization

Freeing R&D to Supply the Demand

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The Effect


Resulting In Cure To Killer Diseases & Aging

Within Our Lifetime – A Decade

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About us

About Us


What is Neothink

Neothink is a revolutionary method of using your mind differently to unlock boundless creativity and potential. It integrates fields of knowledge to generate original ideas and possibilities. Neothink empowers you to visualize and achieve goals once thought impossible.

about neothink
What we do

What is The Neothink Society

The Neothink Society connects visionaries across the globe. Members gain access to Mark Hamilton and mentors. Together we master Neothink techniques to live happy and prosperous lives worth living forever.

about the society

Reading Neothink literature transformed my life from stagnation to excitement. I have a new zest for life and feel equipped to help others have better lives too!

– Ernie S.

Customer Success Manager, Flowbase

Mark Hamilton has opened my eyes to seeing through illusions and falsehoods in society. His work has empowered me to become a self-leader and value creator.

– Uwe E.

Customer Success Manager, Flowbase

The Neothink Society has brought together amazing, like-minded people and has given me a sense of community. I've made lifelong friendships and connections through the society.

– Joan K.

Denver, CO
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Neothink's teachings on integrated honesty, value creation, and self-leadership have restored my self-esteem and enabled me to unlock my potential.

– Michael R.

Austin, TX

Mark Hamilton is a pioneer, working passionately for decades to uplift humanity to new heights. His writings pave the way for an incredibly positive future.

– David H.

Customer Success Manager, Flowbase
The Neothink Difference

2 Million+ lives transformed over 55 years

With over 100,000 unsolicited testimonials, our 2 million members across 55 years have experienced Neothink's life-changing power and achieved profound success and fulfillment.

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