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Who Is Mark Hamilton?

Mark Hamilton wanted to tell everyone, but they would not listen. Their eyes would glaze over, for they were ensconced in what they had been taught by the powers that be. The “experts” would ridicule Mark’s ideas. The authorities would punish Mark’s ideas. His ideas were too different. In fact, his ideas threatened the existing power structures. He soon learned there could be no direct communication of what he knew. He needed to silently clear a new path.

So, his work began in secret. No one beyond his family would know for quite some time about his secret knowledge. Mark Hamilton worked long days, years, decades getting what he knew onto paper and then into action. As years became decades, he captured thousands of pages of Neothink® in his highly-guarded manuscripts. Finally, after many years, he decided it was time to form a protected, secret society of his select few, yet very passionate readers.

And those passionate readers grew to a couple million, reading his large Neothink® Manuscripts with entirely new ways of looking at the world. With the rise of the Internet, Mark Hamilton’s secret society took a lot of abuse from establishment-ensconced, misinformed people who heard out-of-context bits and pieces of Mark’s hidden ideas when some of his ideas began to leak. Of course, the establishment’s “experts” tried to discredit Mark Hamilton, and the authorities tried to shut him down.

After forty-three long years, Mark decided to no longer keep his ideas hidden. Maturing from an ambitious young man into a determined middle-aged man, Mark feels the time has come to release his ideas to the world. And his passionate, secret- society readers agree. The country is scattered with Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® Clubhouses. And they are ready, willing, and waiting with open arms, hearts, and minds to teach you Mark’s life-changing Neothink® ideas and techniques.

And he gives you his entire life’s work — over forty years of long days writing (and sleepless nights fighting establishment authorities) — all delivered to you in his massive and extensive volumes of literature. Mark Hamilton wants you to finally benefit from his deepest, secret knowledge. He has envisioned this secret knowledge reaching you and eventually the masses for a long, long time, ever since he was a young man and realized his secret establishment-shattering knowledge would enormously benefit everyone alive.

Since he was a young man, Mark Hamilton has pursued the goal of improving life for everyone…from his breakthroughs that turn your work from a burden to a joy, to his breakthroughs that turn our country’s leadership from suppression to a launching pad for universal wealth, health and peace. Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® breakthroughs bring unprecedented prosperity and wonderful emotions to the people.

What is Neothink and The Neothink Society?

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech is a treat to listen to. If you want to take a few moments to treat yourself to his inspiring speech, google “Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech” and click on the link. Learn from me how to specifically do what Jobs so enticingly suggests: follow your heart for a life of immense passion, vision, and insane wealth.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech eloquently reveals how all our lives we have been taught to listen to and follow others such as our leaders in politics and at work. Jobs was absolutely right when he said: what we should follow is our own hearts. He implores the graduating students of Stanford not to listen to authority and to instead follow their own hearts. In other words, he is saying: discover and do what you love to do with your life and become insanely wealthy doing what you LOVE TO DO!

Following your heart and living the life you were meant to have seems impossible. Through Neothink® and The Neothink® Society you will learn how to specifically do what Jobs so enticingly suggests: follow your heart for a life of immense passion, vision, and insane wealth. Neothink® is a new way of using our minds and enables us to do what before was considered impossible. Mark Hamilton built the famous Glass Bridge and put it out over the edge of the Grand Canyon, even after engineers said it was impossible. Through Neothink®, the Grand Canyon Skywalk now is an American icon for the whole world to enjoy and for the Hualapai Indian Tribe to rise from poverty to prosperity.

And, Mark Hamilton formed the Neothink® Society to spread Neothink® because he sees the ability in everyone to do the same as he has done — the ability to use Neothink® to change the heretofore “impossible” in your life to exciting reality and to live the life you were meant to have.

Readers of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® literature — people hand-selected by Mr. Hamilton — have come together across the country and around the world to form clubhouses, have conference meetings, webinars, mentor calls all to help each other learn, understand and then apply his Neothink® techniques, and have social gatherings to enjoy their friendships with each other — the chosen people who share similar enormous human potential…winners embracing winners, enjoying life together on the beaches of the world. This exclusive club of extraordinary people called The Neothink® Society is where members go from ordinary to extraordinary!

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